[2 pages of German]

This unintentionally amusing literal translation into barbaric English was done by a member of our Society at the time—it can be found on the last page of the document. One can only hope fellow members restrained him from responding to Dr. Foerster in German of a similar quality.—RR

Berlin, 27th July 1891

The undersigned director of the Royal Observatory of Berlin acknowledges with best thanks the receipt of the first number of your transactions with report of the year 1890/1.

As first countergift of the astronomers here he begs to remit the just issued first number of the communications of the association of friends of the astronomy and cosmic physic.

This association into whose library was also embodied your first publication is very much pleased to enter with an exchange communication and will let have you regularly the sequent numbers of their reports.

Concerning the conveyance of the publications of the Berlin Observatory and the astronomical annuals at the time cannot yet be given a promise because there exist in that regard strict orders which prescribe for that exchange certain norms.

Therefore, it ought to be abided time what importance the publications of the honorable society may have for the astronomical work institutions here.

With the best wishes for the prosperity of your beatified corporation I have the honor to be

Yours respectfully