2018 October

2018-10-07 update (pm)

Over the past week we had conference calls with the Operations and Photography teams. Documentation and training plans are in the works for the Ops team and the Photo team will be putting together a list of targets to test the software capturing and processing.

Photo-Opportunity this week: Comet 21P will be passing through IC2177 (Seagull Nebula) around this coming Tues, Wed and Thursday mornings. Hopefully members with clear skies will try this target. Here is a single frame from this morning with the Canon DSLR and 200mm lens. Comet 21P is just above M50 and IC2177 is below. While the comet has faded over the past few weeks, it is still passing other interesting objects as it flies along the winter milky way. The brightest star in the field is theta canis majoris and Sirius was just outside of the field of the image.


2018-10-06 update (pm)

Here's a shot from SRO's all-sky camera showing the sky at the remote site in California.

all-sky image of sky and milky way

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