To Members of the RASC.

We applied for viceregal patronage some time ago, and this week we are pleased to announce that:

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, has accepted to become Patron of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Patronage has the following requirements. The organization must:

  1. have aims and objectives that are aligned with the institutional or personal themes and interests of the governor general;
  2. be national (or international) in scope;
  3. have active programs that are implemented on an annual basis;
  4. be financially responsible.

The Governor General plays a key role in promoting national identity by supporting and promoting Canadian values, diversity, inclusion, culture and heritage. As such, the Governor General is Patron of many community, charitable, military and cultural associations, as well as public service organizations, lending them vital support and recognition for their outstanding contributions to society.

What does it mean for the RASC to have the Governor General as Patron?

Viceregal patronage brings the support of the Governor General to the mandate of the organization and the organization's commitment to promote and pursue its objectives.
Viceregal patronage recognizes the organization's outstanding support to society.
Viceregal patronage brings prestige to a worthy cause and a deserving organization.

This is a great honour. With this support, we will continue to follow our Society's Vision, Mission, and Values. 


James Edgar


eNews date: 
Tuesday, December 22, 2015