Membership & Development

Committee Mandate

The Membership and Development (MD) Committee was founded in 1993, when it was recognized that the Society needed to actively manage and promote membership and enhance its services to members. Today the MD Committee is responsible or partly responsible for the Society's:

  • Promotional items program which helps sell RASC merchandise to members, Centres, and the general public;
  • eStore presence on the web;
  • eNews service for members;
  • Membership statistics and tracking;
  • Graphical identity manual for the Society;
  • Membership Surveys;
  • National Brochure; and
  • Volunteer Register

Members in good standing with skills in graphic design, website techniques, and other talents are encouraged to join the M&D committee and contribute to the RASC. To find out more contact the Committee Chair.

Committee Definition

The Membership and Development Committee will consist of at least one Director, and up to nine additional Society members, plus the Society President ex officio.

The Membership and Development Committee shall:

  1. recommend to the Board and implement measures to maintain and to increase the membership of the Society,
  2. promote public awareness of and the reputation of the Society,
  3. consider and recommend to Council, as may be desirable from time to time, measures to enhance and make more effective the Society's services to its members, and
  4. have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.

Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail the Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective May 2016

  • Roland Dechesne (Calgary), Chair
  • Heather Laird (Calgary) Board Liaison
  • Ron Macnaughton (Toronto)
  • Stephen Mallia (Mississauga)
  • *Julia Neeser (Office Manager)
  • Brendon Roy (Thunder Bay)
  • *Randy Attwood ex officio(Executive Director)
  • Colin Haig, President ex officio (Hamilton)

* = Non-voting member

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