Light Pollution Abatement

Light Pollution Map of Canada

Light Pollution Map of Canada and Northern USA
"Clear" = "dark sky" Teal = "some sky glow". Red or White = "light polluted".

LPA Committee and Mandate

The Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Committee is a Permanent Committee of the RASC Board of Directors. It coordinates and expands the RASC's efforts to fight the detrimental effects of light pollution on human health, the environment, and (of course) the night sky, while helping to encourage energy conservation. The Committee shall:

  • Maintain extensive Web resources on light-pollution initiatives in Canada on the RASC website;
  • Act as the RASC's liaison with the International Dark Sky Association and other light-pollution groups around the world;
  • Administer the Canadian Dark-Sky Site Program and recognize and promote other initiatives that reduce light pollution across Canada; (edited this line)
  • Conduct research on current light-pollution levels; and
  • Encourage the sharing of strategies and techniques that are effective in encouraging individuals, companies, and municipalities to adopt effective measures to reduce light pollution.

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