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  • Editorial by Denis Grey
  • News Notes/En manchettes
    • Primordial Organic Matter in the Tagish Lake Meteorite
    • Cosmic Bubble Wins Prize
    • CITA Director Honoured
    • Tau Boo’s Magnetic Attraction by Martin Beech and Russ Sampson
  • Correspondence
  • The Lunar-X Files: A Fleeting Vision near the Crater Werner by David M.F. Chapman
  • Modelling Meteor Clusters by Russell D. Sampson
  • DSLR Astrophotography, Part III by Doug George
  • Second Light: Seeing Dark Matter by Leslie J. Sage
  • Deep-Sky Contemplations: The Great Rift and the Coal Sack by Doug Hube and Warren Finlay
  • So, What’s Your SQM? by Dan Taylor
  • High-Flying Auroras by Rick Stankiewicz
  • John A. Brashear and SL Phoebe: The Kingston Connection by Leo Enright
  • Observing Passion by Paul Heath
  • Take Care of Your Valuable Telescope Equipment and Accessories by Ray Khan
  • The “Live Session” Web page by Walter Macdonald
  • Through My Eyepiece: Comets Seen and Unseen by Geoff Gaherty
  • Ramblings of a Variable-Star Addict: Sorting Out Suspected Variables in AAVSO Fields by Rick Huziak
  • Gizmos: Star-crossed by Don Van Akker
  • A Moment With...Dr. John Spray by Philip Mozel
  • Carpe Umbram: New Developments at IOTA by Guy Nason
  • Astrocryptic Answers by Curt Nason
  • Great Images
  • 2006 Society Donations Report by Denis Grey
  • Astronomy Roundup 2007 Astronomy Roundup Organizing Committee
  • Reviews/Critiques
    • Meteorites and the Early Solar System II
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