19600502 Ariadaeus Rill

Ariadaeus Rill (Hyginus Rill on right).  8 reflector at 180x.  Sketched by Lorne Jewitt (Toronto Centre) on 1960 May 2 at 1:00 UT.  Col. 341.17°.  Willowdale, Ontario.

Photo published in JRASC, 1962.

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GA 1960 Audio

1960 June 6


This is Earl Milton's tape report on observing on a National Scale. It has not been heard by anyone in Toronto.


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GA Guest Book 1960-63

Guest book for:

  • 1960 General Assembly
  • 1961 Annual Meeting
  • 1963 General Assembly


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Letter 19600626

This is a transcription of the letter:

IKW June 26 [1960]

Dear Ruth,

Here are the prints you selected from our Annual Meeting collection. I relied on the list of numbers Mr. MacLennan gave me and hope I haven't made any mistakes. Also enclosed is [a] duplicate of a slide of Dr. McKellar, taken by Constantine [Papacosmos], which we thought was exceptionally good.

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GA 1960 #11

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GA 1960 #07

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GA 1960 #05

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GA 1960 #12

L to R: 1, 2, 3.

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GA 1960 #10

At the observatory?

Yes, at the Montreal Centre Observatory. In front of blackboard, Jim Low; in front of bookcase, Isabel Williamson, far right Charles Good (I was probably the photographer!)
Geoff Gaherty, August 2012.

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GA 1960 #09

Front row: George Wedge, Vern Ramsay, Constantine Papacosmas, Isabel Williamson.

2nd row: Dorothy Yane, Katharine Zorgo, ?, David Zackon.

3rd row: ?, David Sands, David Stills, Geoff Gaherty

4th row: ?

5th row: Jim Low, ?, ?.

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