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#Lightpollution is the thing that @Banff_Squirrel would like more people to be aware of (Q. 8 in this interview). hours 8 min ago
RT @EdmontonRASC: At 11,000 km² @JasperNP was THE largest Dark Sky Preserve until usurped by #WoodBuffaloNP (43,000 km²). @EdmontonRASC pla… — 13 hours 9 min ago
RT @brettphotog: Winter 2013/2014 composite timelapse: via @YouTube13 hours 28 min ago
RT @skyglowberlin: @skyglowberlin Image and Data processing by NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center. — 13 hours 29 min ago
RT @skyglowberlin: We had clear skies over most of Europe on Saturday night. Here's the VIIRS DNB Image. hours 29 min ago
RT @JasperNP: Were they ever! RT @PhotoJBartlett: The Stars were out in #myjasper for the @TravelAlberta Instameet last night!!… — 13 hours 31 min ago
RT @GLOBEatNight: We're in the Oct. #GaN2014 campaign & IDA wants you! MT @IDADarkSky: Get involved at… — 13 hours 31 min ago
RT @IDADarkSky: Watch @paulbogard , author of The End of Night, discuss light pollution at last summer's National Book Festival… — 13 hours 31 min ago
RT @wildastro: My first of TWO magazine cover stories this month! (While I wrote the story and provided many of the pictures,... http://t.c… — 13 hours 32 min ago
RT @ParksCanada: .@JasperNP is one of the largest #DarkSky Preserve in the World! The Jasper #DarkSky Festival is on now… — 13 hours 33 min ago