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With #Saskatchewan's Old Man on His Back Ranch @NCC_CNC protects the natural night! days 1 hour ago
The RASC is pleased to partner with the Nature Conservancy of Canada @NCC_CNC in designating a Nocturnal Preserve... days 1 hour ago
Mercury is at its greatest heliocentric latitude today (North) — 3 days 44 min ago
...Therefore, when the dimmer of the two stars swings in front of the brighter star, we see Algol at minimum brightness. — 6 days 2 hours ago
Algol (name means Demon's Head) is at minimum tonight. Algol is an eclipsing binary star; meaning 2 stars revolving around each other... — 6 days 2 hours ago
A Nocturnal Preserve is a way for the RASC to reach a broader audience about the importance of protecting the natural day, dark night cycle. — 1 week 9 min ago
The environment has always been one of the focus points of the RASC's dark sky program - it's not just about astronomy. — 1 week 9 min ago
What is a 'Nocturnal Preserve'? It's about protecting the natural night regardless of astronomical access. week 14 min ago
Canada's first Nocturnal Preserve recognised by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada week 20 min ago