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Some nice views of yesterday's partial solar eclipse. day 14 hours ago
An airplane approaches Pearson Airport in Toronto during today's partial solar eclipse. (Copyright RASC). days 4 hours ago
RASC and CBC story on today's partial solar eclipse. days 15 hours ago
The setting Sun will have a bite out of it today - similar to May 20 2012. (Photo RASC) days 18 hours ago
A (revised) brochure for your solar eclipse events. days 14 hours ago
The RASC National Office staff just observed the sunspot with solar viewers naked eye. It is big! days 14 hours ago
A brochure for your solar eclipse public events. days 18 hours ago
RT @SkyNewsMagazine: Busy times on ol' Sol! New photo of the giant sunspot: and our eclipse preview article is up: h… — 4 days 8 hours ago
Hope the weather is good Thursday for the partial solar eclipse! (NASA photo) days 13 hours ago