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RT @colinhaig: J1023 Interesting maybe @aavso as pulsed emit but changed to accreting then goes back - @aarchiba @rasc #rasc2015 http://t.c… — 1 day 2 hours ago
RT @colinhaig: Very spectacular at getting energy out. Seeing accretion should be easy, but its not. Dr Anne Archibald @rasc #rascga http:/… — 1 day 3 hours ago
RT @colinhaig: M1 is completely powered by energy of its embedded pulsar spinning down. Dr Anne Archibald @rasc CASCA #rascga2015 http://t… — 1 day 3 hours ago
RT @DrRob_Thacker: The ever amazing @aarchiba giving the Plaskett medal talk at @rasc ga 2015 day 3 hours ago
Thank you for your service with us, Roger! And congratulations to Patrick Kelly! day 5 hours ago
RT @RandyAttwood: Annual Meeting winding up at #rascga2015 @rasc day 5 hours ago
RT @colinhaig: The talented Paul Evans has been very busy photographing the @rasc events. #rascga2015 day 5 hours ago
RT @RandyAttwood: At the @rasc Annual Meeting at 2105 GA in Halifax. day 7 hours ago
RT @colinhaig: Raiders of the Lost Galaxy - the Northcott Lecture by SMU @DrRob_Thacker at @rasc General Assembly #rascga2015… — 1 day 20 hours ago
RT @colinhaig: Science is supposed to be fun - @DrRob_Thacker @rasc #astro #rascga #galacticarcheology day 20 hours ago