Telescope Origins

Where did this project come from?

Discussion around the idea of a remote, robotic telescope began prior to 2013.  Over two dozen members including past-president David Lane, current president Colin Haig, and many others paved the way with real-world experiences related to funding and operating telescopes at university, high school, Centre observatories, children's camps, and remote sites.  In March 2015, a proposal by astronomer and computer scientist Paul Mortfield helped crystalize the concept. A year later, the Board discussed ideas on how to realize this project, and to validate it with our National Council. 

In the summer of 2016, our Council recommended it as a "should-do" project.  A planning workshop by the Society's National Council, with representation from most of the 28 Centres, resulted in 30 initiatives, including a recommendation to "Offer a remote telescope program to members" and "Identify targets and objectives for fundraising initiatives (donations, sponsors, grants); Define fund raising causes and incentives". There was much discussion about new programs, partnerships, joint projects, education and outreach.

Later in 2016, the Board of Directors developed a new Strategic plan, and the remote telescope project was identified as a capital project for the 2017 budget process. Executive Directory Randy Attwood worked on a revised proposal, and engaged a fundraising expert in the fall of 2017. The Board reviewed the telescope proposal in November 2017, and approved it as a fundraising campaign objective in January 2018.

By June 2018, the first test images were taken by the telescope with a borrowed CCD Camera.

M13 Globular Cluster

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