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Observing Resources

The following selected resources are of interest to observers.

Sky, Cloud and Darkness

  • US Naval Observatory Ephemerides (Sun rise/set, Moon rise/set, astronomical twilight, Moon phases and more).
  • Dark Sky Calculator - Interactive applet, from RASC member Larry McNish, to calculate dark skies taking moonlight into account.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Calculator - Web applet that allows you to calculate today's sunrise and sunset times for your location
  • Astronomical Time - What time is it? Using your PC`s time settnigs, dynamically displays your Local and Local Sidereal time, UTC, Greenwich Sidereal Time and Julian Date includes Night Vision mode, courtesy Larry McNish.
  • Dark Sky Finder - Jonathan Tomshines great site of Light Pollution overlays on Google Maps.

Observing Projects

Current Events / Observing Opportunities

Amateur Radio Astronomy Links

Amateur Observatories


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