"Explore the Moon" draft beginners lunar observing program

Hi folks,

if you subscribe to the special email list www.rasc.ca/mailman/listinfo/lunatics you will have exclusive access to a new resource: an updated mirror-reversed labelled lunar feature chart.

You may have noticed the updated labelled lunar feature chart in the 2014 Handbook, originally by Roy Bishop, and recently updated by Michael Gatto.

I asked Michael to produce a mirror-reversed view for those with optics that reverse the view (any telescope with an odd number of reflections, such as a refractor with a regular star diagonal).

Also note that the new maps have 87 Wilhelm relabelled to 88 Wilhelm, because we have added a new 87 Langrenus, so that all the Gang of Four craters are now included. I am en train to revising the EtM text instructions to accord with this change.

There are plans to convert the draft Explore the Moon resources to become an official RASC observing program open to all, but for the time being we are restricting access to people we know, as we work out the bugs. Thanks for your patience!

clear skies