Planned Giving

Have you ever considered how you could have a permanent, long-term influence on the next generation of avid astronomers? Perhaps you should — there are substantial benefits.


The RASC has a Planned Giving Program, which maximizes the benefits of charitable gifts for donors, their families, and for the Society. These charitable gifts will help to further the RASC’s mandate of inspiring curiosity, sharing scientific knowledge, and fostering collaboration in astronomical pursuits.

Interested members pledge to support the Society through a variety of planned gifts, such as will bequests, securities, life insurance policies, or gifts of cash. Because tax laws favour charitable gifts, planned giving can be a way for donors to support astronomical education, and to receive substantial tax savings.

A planned gift can be given to the Society without conditions, but it may also be provided for a specific project or initiative you may wish to promote. For example, the Ruth Northcott Memorial Fund was set up by Miss Northcott's friends specifically to advance projects related to astronomy education.

Recent significant bequests made to the Society:

$10,000 to $24,999


$25,000 to $29,999

Robert Fidler – 2018

$30,000 to $49,999 

Walter Feibelman – 2008 

Anonymous – 2011

$50,000 and above



Donors have three ways to make their contributions:


Gifts of Cash
A gift of cash is certainly the simplest method of giving. When you make a cash donation, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the amount of your gift.

Will Bequests
You may wish to make a gift to the Society by taking advantage of one of the most frequently used methods — a bequest in your will. Tax laws favour bequests, and thus, they are an excellent way to donate.

Gifts of Life Insurance
A life-insurance policy also offers an easy way to support the Society, particularly if your family no longer needs life insurance for financial security. To complete your contribution, list the RASC as the owner and beneficiary of a new policy, and your payments for the new policy would then be eligible for tax credit. An alternative is to make the RASC the owner of an existing policy, granting you an immediate tax benefit.


Donors who include the Society in their estate planning will receive immediate recognition for any gift that is made without conditions.

As you begin planning your gift to the Society, we suggest you consult your own legal and financial advisors to achieve the maximum benefits. We are confident that, whatever form your gift takes, it will bring you the satisfaction of knowing you have made a significant contribution to astronomical outreach for years to come.


To arrange for your donation, call the Society Office toll free at (888) 924-7272 within Canada, or at (416) 924-7973


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