Observing Committee


Committee Mandate

Astronomy is all about looking up and observing what you see. The RASC Observing Committee provides resources and programs designed to help members get the most out of their observing experiences and helps to coordinate observing efforts and special projects across the country.

The Observing Committee is responsible for: administering the Society's Observing Programs whereby certificates are awarded for observing achievements by individual members;

Members interested in working on the Observing Committee are invited to contact the Chair (see below).

Committee Definition

The RASC Observing Committee was established in 2003 and the committee will consist of at least one Director, and up to 14 additional Society members, plus the Society President ex officio.

The Observing Committee shall:

  1. be responsible for the development, promotion and administration of observing programs for the Society;
  2. make available and co-ordinate the distribution of observing resources to Centres and members; and
  3. co-ordinate its activities with the Membership and Development Committee, the Publications Committee and the Society's editors;
  4. and have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.

Contact Information

To reach the committee you may e-mail the Observing Committee Chair.

Committee Members - Effective July 2018

  • Dave Chapman (Halifax) Chair
  • Dale Armstrong (London)
  • Chris Beckett (Unattached)
  • Dr. Randy Boddam (Belleville)
  • Charles Ennis (Sunshine Coast) Board Liaison
  • Melody Hamiton (Halifax)
  • Roger Hill (Hamilton)
  • Bruce McCurdy (Edmonton)
  • Blake Nancarrow (Toronto)
  • Murray Paulson (Edmonton)
  • Karol Socander (Kitchener-Waterloo)
  • Blair Stunder (Prince George)
  • Jo Vandendool (Mississauga)
  • Bill Weir (Victoria)
  • Vikki Zohar (Yukon)
  • Dr Chris Gainor (Victoria) President—ex officio
  • Randy Attwood Executive Director—non-voting
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