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RASC members speak to national media about today's meteor and asteroid (UPDATED)

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Written by Kate Fane on
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Fri, 2013/02/15


It's been a busy morning here at the RASC, with members Andrew Fazekas, Colin Haig, Chris Gainor, Dave Lane, and Randy Attwood all providing interviews with the national media to discuss both the meteor landing in Russia and this afternoon's asteroid fly-by.
And here's Randy's discussion of the meteor:
Colin also talked about the meteor with Yukon Radio CHON-FM host Peter Novak this morning10:15am ET on the Cool Country Morning show. There's a possibility he also may be on Daily Planet this evening at 7:00pm on the Discovery Channel to discuss backyard astronomy. 
Chris Gainor will be on CFAX 1070 Victoria again at 3:30 pm PT to talk about meteor strikes, and again on CTV2 Vancouver Island News at 5 pm PT 
At 4:40 AST, Dave Lane will appear on CBC Radio 1 talking about the Russian meteorite fall.
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