Inside the October 2007 Journal

  • Editorial by Jay Anderson
  • A scientific treatise from Jeremy Tatum,

"Calculation of the Atmospheric Trajectory of a Meteor from Photographic Observations"

  • Murray Paulson provides a primer on imaging Mars - getting ready for the upcoming close encounter
  • Guy Mackie and Jim Tisdale of the Okanagan Centre and Gil Self of Prince George Centre give some insight into their operations and accomplishments
  • A colourful original painting by Bettina Forget of Montréal Centre
  • Great images from Society astrophotographers Kevin Black, Stef Cancelli & Paul Mortfield, John Mirtle, and Albert Saikaley
  • All your favourite columnists, Phil Mozel, Leslie Sage, Warren Finlay & Doug Hube, Geoff Gaherty, Don Van Akker, Bruce McCurdy, Guy Nason, and in his first column, Gerry Smerchanski
  • Astrocryptic by Curt Nason
  • Society News by James Edgar
  • plus an invitation to get in on the photo contest - you could have your photographic efforts showcased on the back cover of the Journal!
eNews date: 
Wednesday, September 19, 2007