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Help Preserve Dark Skies

Reducing Light Pollution is a classic example of a "think globally / act locally" issue. While the negative effects of light pollution are widespread most lighting is regulated either at the municipal or regional (provincial / state) level. To help preserve dark skies advocates need to work with municipal planners, councils and regulators to encourage lighting standards and practices that preserve the night sky.

In addition to the case made by astronomers for preserving the night sky there are other advocates who are aligned with this goal:

  • FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) encourages office buildings and other structures to reduce their lighting at night to help preserve the lives of migrating birds.
  • the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms conducts research into the negative effects of excessive lighting on natural sleep rhythms
  • many environmental groups have an interest in reducing energy waste caused by inefficient and ineffective lighting.

This section provides a number of resources to help you conduct a local Light Pollution Abatement campaign:

  • Outreach Resources including presentation materials that you can use to prepare presentations for local community groups and clubs to raise awareness of light pollution;
  • Municipal Bylaws from both Canada and the U.S. that demonstrate how appropriate lighting practices can be put into place;
  • Research on Crime and Safety that demonstrates that more lighting does not necessarily lead to less crime;
  • A gallery of images that show examples of good and bad lighting practices; and
  • Sources of Responsible Lighting fixtures that you can recommend to individuals and municipalities.
  • A elected listing of Other LPA Web Resources selected for their usefulness in public communications and outreach.

The RASC LPA Committee is always looking for more resources to share with Canadian LPA advocates. To reach the committee you may e-mail the Light Pollution Abatement Committee Chair.

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