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David H. Levy Logs: Volumes 0..24
Logs 0-7 have been transcribed (except v3, pp.14-71).

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 6

[1962 Sessions]
24E Sept 19. Saturn seen for a few minutes. Then clouded over. 9:30-9:35 2" 40p.Telescope (Refractor)
24M Sept 20. Luna seen for a few minutes of a 30 minute obs. period. Seas + mountain ranges observed.
*25E Sept. 20: (8:45-9:15) Saturn, Jupiter seen with two in. telescope - M-13 seen for first time.
*25M Sept. 21: (2:15-5:30) Pleiades, Hyades, M-34 mapped NGC-2244 mapped; M-37, region of Lambda Orionis mapped. Echo I, Luna, gen.
constellations observed.
26E Sept.21 Saturn + M-31 seen by the two in. scope.
26M Sept.22 Luna + Capella observed for almost 1 hour through light cloud then completely clouded over (2:10-2:55)
27S Sept.23 Sun observed with 2.25in. refr. 2 spots
27E Sept.23 (7:30-9:05) Obs. of Saturn, Jupiter, NGC-663, M-31, Pleiades, Hyades, Albireo, Mizar, gen.const.
28E Sept. 24-(7:15-9:00)(7:15-9:05)-