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David H. Levy Logs: Volumes 0..24
Logs 0-7 have been transcribed (except v3, pp.14-71).

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 1

  • Session A
    • Date: sometime in the 50's (before 1956)/time: early evening/place 4902 Roslyn,Montreal/no instruments/Richard + others/memory of Richard's sighting of big Dipper from front door.
  • Session B
    • July 4/5,either 1956 (clear, no moon), 1957 (P_Cldy T'storms in region, 8day Moon near Spica) or 1958 (was cloudy, light rain, gibbous moon rise 2137 EST) about 2100EST/Twin Lake Camp, near social hall/-/others/1 meteor,almost overhead, ~2nd mag. very short path. See *12942E2 at end of Log 3 for discussion.
  • Session C
    • Summer 56,57 or 58/late at night/Twin Lake,
      Bunk "G" probably./-/-/looking             LOG ONE 1-80
      out of window, inventing my own constellations. Memory of stars resembling friendly beacons in a lonely night.



Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 2

The letter "E" after a session indicates that that session was held in the evening (until midnight in standard time).

The letter "M" after a session indicates that that session was held in the morning (after midnight in standard time).

The letters "AN" after a session indicate that that session was an all-night observation programme.

The Session number is written in the margin; the date immediately outside the margin, and the accomplishments in the centre of the page.

David H. Levy
After sept. 12th, 1962, all sessions were recorded.

After Sess.12MS All times are Standard Time.


Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 3

A. Maximum Times for (e.g.) session1: (1E, 1M, 1AN, 1S) Noon-Noon. Then, after noon, session moves from 1 to 2 unless 1 sessions lasts until after noon.

  • S - Solar Observation
  • L - Lunar Obs. in Daylight
  • SessionType Maximum Times
    • E Dusk - Midnight
    • M Midnight-Dawn
    • AN Dusk-Dawn
    • S Sunrise-Sunset
    • L Dawn-Dusk

Observation Sessions, David H. Levy

*-something "new" accomplished.

Ses.#       Date         Observations

1959 1 Session

*1S: Oct.2. Partial solar eclipse. Just last part observed because of clouds.

1960 3 Sessions

2E(a&b): Aug(?). Gen. Const. Obs. -a) with 7x50b; Vega and on another night b) search for obs. on mount royal (8/15/03)
*3E: Sept.1- Saturn seen for first time. Saturn's rings and Saturn seen as an Elliptical body through Echo.


Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 4

*4E Sept.2 [1960]- Saturn's rings seen clearly with Echo. Echo sat. Observed.

1961 8 Sessions

*5S Aug. 2- Sunrise Observed.
6E Aug. 5- Saturn's moons Observed.
*7EM Aug. 25/26- Lunar eclipse. Due to clouds, only second half was seen. 10:50-12:42 E.D.T.
*8MS August 28- Const. +Sunrise Obs. (3:20-8:00) EDT

9M Sept. 1 - Pleiades,const. + Venus Obs.
10E Sept.11 -Obs. of Deneb (D), Vega (V), Altair,(A), Jupiter + Saturn.
11E Sept.12 -Constellations Obs.
*12SE Dec. 13 Geminids - 15 observed by me

1962 144 Sessions

13MS July 2 - Gen. Cosnt. + Sunrise Obs.
14E Aug. 11 - Gen. Cosnt. Obs., Venus, Perseids
15AN Aug.12/13 - 9:00-3:45 EST. Perseids
Jan 2, 1962 - Quadrantids


Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 5

[1962 Sessions]

Milky Way + Const.Obs. 112 meteors observed by me.
*16MS Aug. 26 Gen. Const. Obs., Obs. of Betelgeuse, Pleiades Mapped. 2:50-8:00 Sunrise Obs.
*17MS Sept. 2. Hyades mapped. Moon Jupiter and Pleades Observed. Sunrise Obs. (John Cohen)
*18M Sept. 9 - Andromeda Galaxy seen for first time through Echo (60+120p). Orion Nebula mapped. M35 mapped, Echo I satellite, meteors, Venus.
*19E Sept. 12 - Luna II project started. 3 craters seen, Saturn obs.
20E Sept. 13. 3 Lunar craters seen on Moon; Jupiter, Saturn (John Cohen)

22E Sept. 15- Jupiter, M31(binocs.) Const. Obs.
*22M Sept. 16-NGC 663-Mapped; Open in Perseus near Eta mapped; M-31; M-42, Lunar obs. 2:30-5:30 E.S.T.
23E Sept. 18 - 8:30-8:45 - Saturn through a 2.5in. Refractor.
*23M Sept. 19- 2:15-3:30 EST. Lunar craters; Luna in Hyades; Obs. of M-42.