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Current members of the RASC are entitled to an electronic subscription to the Journal. Since April 2006, the RASC has produced two versions:

  • high-resolution for members with broadband Internet connections; and
  • low-resolution version for members with low-bandwidth Internet connections

Both versions are complete in every respect and contain the same text and graphics.

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Printed Copy

Members are encouraged to continue to subscribe to the Journal in paper form by postal mail. In order to do so, members in Canada must pay an optional fee ($19.15, includes applicable taxes) upon renewal of your membership. For members outside of Canada the fee is $23 US per year. To reinstate a subscription during your membership year, you will be charged a pro-rated fee of $2.75/issue + GST. To update your Journal subscription preferences please go to Contact Us.

The 3-D Viewer (PDF below) is from page 46 of the February 2013 Journal. This text is drawn from the image caption:
This is an interactive 3-dimensional PDF (for the on-line PDF Journal). The red symbols are again the co-planar galaxies, and the blue ones the “normal” ones. The z direction is parallel to the line between M31 and the Milky Way. The thinness of the plane is most easily seen looking down the z axis. (Give it time to load—it takes over a minute on some computers. You need to view it using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat; Preview on an Apple computer will not work.)

3-D Viewer.pdf324.38 KB

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