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HCO Construction #2

HCO Construction #2

Ambrose Moore with a chain saw. There are about 3 people behind him in the dark area.

RASC Hamilton Centre 1977
Scanned by Colin Haig 2006-03-24
These slides, from the construction of the Hamilton Centre Observatory, had a date on the slide mount, 1977. I am not sure when actually taken or when developed. Some of the slides appear to have fungus or something bad on them. I cleaned several of the slides very carefully, and they turned out well. I could not fix all of them.

Abbreviations: JMH - John Hudak is likely the photographer according to Roger Hill.

According to Roger Hill, Ambrose was the envy of a number of the high school students in the Centre at the time because he had a 6-inch scope, rather than the 4-inch (like Roger had) or the 60mm scopes that were prevalent.