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Observer's Handbook

The Observer's Handbook is a reference guide published annually since 1907 by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Through its long tradition and the expertise of more than 50 contributors, the Observer's Handbook has come to be regarded as the standard North American reference for data on the sky. The material in the Handbook is of interest to professional and amateur astronomers, scientists, teachers at all levels, students, science writers, campers, Scout and Guide leaders, as well as interested general readers. The Observer's Handbook is an integral part of many astronomy courses at the secondary and university levels, and it should be on the reference shelf of every library.

Further Reading:

  • One Hundred Editions of the Observer's Handbook,
    Roy Bishop (2008) PDF | GIF
  • Seventy-five Editions of the Observer's Handbook,
    John Percy (1982) PDF | GIF
  • The Inside Story of the Observer's Handbook,
    Ruth Northcott (1964) PDF | GIF

Back Issues

Now the edition that started it all is available online, with introductory text by former Handbook editor Roy Bishop.

  • Download the 1907 Observer's Handbook
  • 1907 Observer's Handbook Errata: PDF | GIF

No Observer's Handbook was issued in 1909 or 1910, rather predictions were published bimonthly in JRASC:

Observer's Handbook Back Issues

29 issues selected from 22 available. Click on a thumbnail to see an issue.