Equity and Inclusivity Committee

The Equity and Inclusivity Committee’s mandate is to promote and develop ethnic, cultural, gender, and religious diversity within the Society through education and communications programs and publicize the diversity of the RASC to all its audiences. It is our intention to have this new committee:

  • encourage the growth of diversity within the Society;
  • educate members and Centres regarding issues involving minorities;
  • represent the interests of minorities to the Board and the membership of the Society;
  • act as a resource for information on minorities to Society members; and
  • act as advocates to represent members of minorities and assist in mediation.

Members of the E&I Committee are:

  • Nicole Mortillaro (Unattached)
  • Heather Laird (Calgary Centre)
  • Vikki Zsohar (Yukon Centre)
  • Charles Ennis (chair- Sunshine Coast Centre)
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Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 11:05am