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                                                     108 Roy Avenue, Apt. 102
                                                     Dorval, P.Q.
                                                     November 16, 1965

Dear Sir:

       I plan to prepare a summary of observations of Comet Ikeya-Seki for the
next "Bulletin" of the Comet and Nova Section.  I hope the report will include
the work of all Canadian Observers of this comet, and to assist me, could you
please send a summary of your own observations, and arrange to have a summary
made of all your Centre's observations.  Such a summary could list the following:
              1.  Name of Observer
              2.  Dates and times of observations
              3.  Magnitude estimates.
              4.  Length of tail
              5.  Other remarks.

       Copies of selected drawings and detailed reports would be most welcomed.
Enclosed is a copy of C & N Form #4, which explains how to make an observation
of a comet.

                                         Good Observing!
                                              [signed Jim Low]
                                         Jim Low, National Coordinator
                                         Comet and Nova Section
                                         Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Note: A couple of minor corrections were made in this transcription.

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