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John A. Paterson, an early member of the society.

John Paterson

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(1846-1930) K.C., M.A., F.R.A.S.C. A math teacher at Upper Canada College, later a lawyer, and President of the Society (1896-97).

Paterson, John A.

Early Star Party

Early Star Party

On the lawn of Mr. D.J. Howell, Lambton Mills, Ontario. (About 1900.) Left to right: Z.M. Collins (with hat on), Visitor, A. Horton, A. Elvins (in front), W.B. Musson, Visitor, Miss M.A. Howell, Mrs. Musson, Mrs. Webber, J. Webber, Miss McEachren (in white), J.E. Maybee, J.A. Paterson, D.J. Howell (side view), Miss Eva C. Howell, G.G. Pursey (blurred).

Published in JRASC, 25, 233 (1931).

John A. Paterson 1890s

John A. Paterson 1890s

John A. Paterson, M.A. (1846-1930)

Obituary in JRASC.

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