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Planetary Lineup Over Toronto

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Click on the link to see the planets highlighted.Mercury, Venus and Saturn lined up over the CN Tower in Toronto this past week. Click on the image to see the three planets identified (L to R).

My Top Astronomical Experience of 2011 - Epsilon Aurigae

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During the first part of 2011 I was traveling in Central America with my family. I had almost no equipment with me and I was unable to import very much into Guatemala without a lot of red tape. I did manage to get an Astrotrac tracking mount for my birthday however and I stumbled upon the Citizen Sky project to observe the eclipse of Epsilon Aurigae.

New Year's Resolution - Use Occult Watcher in your Backyard!

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Many RASC members are involved in the sport of occultation chasing. This activity involves monitoring a star when an asteriod is predicted to cross in front of it. By observing the dip in brightness and accurately timing it the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) can put together accurate estimates of the size and shape of the occulting body. This, combined with measurements of the asteroid's brightness helps to refine our knowledge of the members of the asteroid belt.

ISS Transit Seen from Toronto

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A group of 10 Toronto Centre members came out dark and early this morning to catch a transit by the ISS in front of the Full Moon this morning. The distinctive "H" shape of the ISS was clearly visible in binoculars as it zipped past the Moon at 3:52:16 a.m. Eastern time.

Starfest 2011 – Two Clear Nights!

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The Toronto Centre sent a strong contingent to the 30th anniversary edition of Starfest held near Mount Forest, ON from August 26-28th. This year's event featured an excellent turnout, the usual tornadic activity as well as some excellent guest speakers including Rocky Kolb from the University of Chicago (who knew that black holes and United Airlines had so much in common?) and our own Randy Attwood, Kerry Ann Lecky Hepburn and Terence Dickinson.

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