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Asteroid (12001) Gasbarini

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Named in honour of Ron Gasbarini (b. 1960-09-22 in St. Catharines, Canada), an amateur astronomer whose interest was inspired by the Apollo missions in the late 1960s. An avid observer, Gasbarini is keen on lunar and planetary observing as well as deep skyobjects and photography. He is also interested in astronomical software. Gasbarini joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Niagara Centre, in 1973 and was Secretary from 1979 to 1985. He founded both the club's Observer's Group and newsletter, "The Whirlpool," in 1980 and was editor from 1982 until 1987. Then in 1990-1991, Gasbarini served as President of the RASC Niagara Centre and in 1995 won the RASC Service Award. He created the Niagara Centre's web site in 1994 and served as National Council Representative for several years during the 1990s and up to 2002.
Name proposed and citation prepared by Peter Jedicke and Robert Jedicke.

Orbit type: Main Belt Asteroid 

Reference: MPC 45337

1996 ED9
Disc. Date: 
Disc. Place: 
Kitt Peak