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Asteroid (7327) Crawford

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Named in honor of David L. Crawford (b. 1931), astronomer at the Kitt Peak National Observatory recognized for his fundamental contributions to protecting dark skies around observatories from light pollution through good outdoor lighting practices. In 1972 he was instrumental in establishing the first comprehensive lighting code, which regulated outdoor lighting in southern Arizona, and the code has become a model for such regulation throughout the world. Crawford was cofounder and executive director of the International Dark-Sky Association, a worldwide organization dedicated to the preservation of dark skies. He was also responsible for establishing the fundamental standards of the Strömgren photometric system. He was named an Honorary Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada on 1997-03-01. Name suggested and citation provided by D. R. Davis.

Orbit type: Main Belt Asteroid

Reference: MPC 34343

1983 RZ1
Disc. Date: 
Bowell, E.
Disc. Place: 
Anderson Mesa