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Asteroid (7267) Victormeen

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In 1950, Victor Ben Meen (1910–1971) identified as an impact structure what is today known as Pingualuit Meteorite Crater, in northern Quebec. His discovery led to the eventual recognition of many other extraterrestrial impact structures, elsewhere on the Canadian Shield, and beyond.
V.B. Meen graduated in 1932 with a degree in mineralogy and geology and stayed on at the University of Toronto for a Ph.D. in Mineralogy. Between 1932 and 1959 he rose through the academic ranks, becoming Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences in 1956. Simultaneously he held positions in the Royal Ontario Museum as a mineralogist, and from 1949 to 1964 he was Director or Head of what was variously named its Museum or Division of Geology and Mineralogy or its Earth Sciences Division. From 1964 to the time of his death in January 1971 he was the Museum's Chief Mineralogist.
Orbit type: Mars-crosser 
Reference: MPC 70407
1943 DF
Disc. Date: 
Oterma, L.
Disc. Place: