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Asteroid (5272) Dickinson

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Named in honour of Terence Dickinson (b. 1943), Canada's foremost popularizer of astronomy. Dickinson is the author of several books, notably NightWatch, The Universe and Beyond, Exploring the Sky by Day and Exploring the Night Sky, the last of which received the New York Academy of Sciences Children's Science Book Award in 1988. He reaches a wide Canadian audience every week with his astronomy column in The Toronto Star newspaper and on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programs. From 1973 to 1975 he was editor of Astronomy magazine, and he has held scientific positions with the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester and the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toronto. Dickinson teaches astronomy at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Name suggested and citation provided by C. J. Cunningham.

Orbit type: Main Belt Asteroid

Reference: MPC 23138

1981 QH2
Disc. Date: 
Bowell, E.
Disc. Place: 
Anderson Mesa