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Asteroid (4058) Cecilgreen

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Named in honour of Cecil H. Green, co-founder of Texas Instruments and philanthropist extraordinary, to acknowledge a lifelong commitment to improve the quality of education and scientific research. Green and his late wife Ida funded educational and scientific projects throughout the world, such as academic buildings, health care centers, hospitals, libraries, scholarships and professorships. The Greens assisted in founding new colleges at the University of Texas at Dallas, at Oxford University in England and, in March 1990, Green College at the University of British Columbia. A graduate in electrical engineering, Green spent many years in geophysical field work before becoming a partner of Geophysical Service, Inc., in 1941. He and his partners created a division of that company that ultimately became Texas Instruments. In 1954 Texas Instruments pioneered the first successful commercialization of the silicon transistor. Green is a noted salmon fisherman.

Orbit type: Main Belt Asteroid 

Reference: MPC 17029

1986 JV
Disc. Date: 
Bowell, E.
Disc. Place: 
Anderson Mesa