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Asteroid (157421) Carolpercy

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Discovered by T. Glinos, D. Levy and W. Levy at Jarnac.
Dr. Carol E. Percy (b. 1964) is a professor at the University of Toronto, and an award-winning teacher and researcher on the history, development, and standardization of the English language. Her doctoral thesis was a study of the language in James Cook's 1768-71 Endeavour journal, and how it was "corrected" for publication, after this remarkable voyage of discovery. Cook was an astronomer, navigator, explorer, and captain of the Endeavour on its expedition to observe the 1769 Transit of Venus from Tahiti, but he had little formal education. Carol Percy has continued to study the social impact of the standardization of English, especially as it relates to authors who are amateurs (like Cook), women, or are otherwise marginalized and/or educationally-disadvantaged. More information is available here.

Reference: MPC ?????

2004 TX299 et al
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Glinos, T. et al
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