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                  Standing Committee on Observational Activities
                   Programme for Solar Eclipse of July 20, 1963

Bulletin No. 6                                                          May 27, 1963


    With July 20th rapidly approaching, members will be eager to complete their
plans and we hope this bulletin will be helpAsi to those who are considering coining
to the Province of Quebec to observe the eclipse.


    In selecting an observing site in Quebec, it should be kept in mind that the sun
will be only about 26 degrees above the horizon at totality. On our survey tripe
down through the e lipse z…tte we fotuid many long stretches of road with excellent
western horizons. We attach copy of the list that originally appeared in the
April 1963 SKY AND TELESCOPE of locations recommended by F. J. DeKinder of the Montreal
Centre. The member who wants to observe frr the roadside should have no difficulty
in finding a suitable spot, provided he makes allowance for the heavy traffic there is
bound to be on that day. It would be advisable, though, for those who have equip-
merit to set up or who need electrical power to make arrangements well in advance with
residents of the area for the use of their facilities. Topographical maps can be
obtained fran the Queen's Printer, Ottawa, Canada, for fifty cents a copy. As these
maps are On a large scale, be quite specific as to district when placing your order.


    We are sorry that we cannot undertake to arrange overnight accommodation for any-
one. However, we have obtained leaflets on camping sites, inns and motels and
enclose copies with this bulletin to those on our mailing list who have already in-
dicated their intention of travelling to Quebec. The fact that the eclipse occurs
in late afternoon gives one a wider choice of acccunmodation.  Additional information
can be obtained from the Province of Quebec Tourist Bureau at 12 rue Ste. Anne, Quebec,
P.Q., or 1013 Dominion Square, Montreal, P.Q.


    The Montreal Centre is establishing field stations at Grand'mere and Plessisville
and possibly a third station closer to the U.S. border. These will be enclosed
areas on private property, thus ensuring that the observers will not be hampered by
spectators. Although observations will be at art amateur level, the Centre is
anxious to maintain a high standard of efficiency.  For this reason, admission to
the field stations will be limited to personnel with definite assignments.  The
Montreal Centre will be glad to add to its numbers other members of the Society who
want to participate in the organized programme. If you are interested, please
write to the undersigned without delq for the Centre would like to know as soon as
possible, preferably not later than mid-June.

Eclipse Bulletin No.6, cont'd.


    The Montreal Centre is sponsoring a special train that will leave Montreal shortly
after noon on the day of the eclipse, arriving in the vicinity of Grand'mere before
4:00 p.m. E.D.T. For the return trip, the train will leave around 7:30 p.m.,
arriving back in Montreal around 11 o'clock. This will give everyone plenty of
time to view the partial phases of the eclipse as well as totality. There will
be an opportunity to obtain light refreshments in nearby communities and box lunches
will be available on the train.  The return fare will be approximately $4.50, with
children under twelve years of age travelling for half fares.   The sale of tickets
will be handled by members of the Montreal Centre.

This special train would seem to solve a problem for those who have no private
means of transportation. You make the trip with others who share your interest in
astronomy and you have no worries about traffic or time of arrival. A leaflet
giving fall particulars will be available shortly. Please let me know if you
would like to receive a copy.


There will be mazw members of our Society on the highways heading towards the
eclipse zone. If arq of us should meet by chance whether on isolated stretches
of the Alaska Highway or on the crowded roads of Quebec it would be rather nice
to have sane means of identifying each other, and such contacts might be very help-
ful to those travelling in unfamiliar country. We have therefore purchased for
re-sale a supply of small pennants with the initials "R.A.S.C." in white on a blue
field. The price is twenty-five cents.

                          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Please let us know about your plans as they develop. In a subsequent bulletin
we intend to list all those who will be participating in our Society' a progranne and
we would like to include your group.

5162 Belmore Avenue,                                 Isabel K. Williamson,
Montreal 29, Canada.                                 National Co-ordinator 1963 Eclipse.

Eclipse Bulletin No.6, cont'd.


North of the St.Lawrence

-  On Route 19B from Grand'mere to St. Tite, five miles beyond the village of
   St. Georges, 1 and 1/4 miles past Herouxville.

-  Northwest of Grand' irere, seven miles beyond Grandes Piles.  This is on Route 19,
   which eventual]y leads to La Tuque.

-  Southeast of Grand'mere to St. Narcisse, thence to a place one mile from
   St. Stanislas, which is on 19A.

-  Near the road going left from Batiscan, when coming up the St.Lawrenoe on
   Route 2 from Three Rivers.  It is only about 60 miles from here to Quebec City.

South of the St.Lawrence

-  On the road fran Gentilly to St. Pierre, 1 and 1/4 miles before reaching the
latter village; also on the road turning right (away from the river) at this

-  On the road between Plessisville and Lourdes, five miles from the former.

-  Any location on the roads between Black Lake and Plessisville.

-  On Route 2B, four miles northward from Lambton to La Guadeloupe.

-  A country road runs southeast from Lambton to St. Hubert, close to and parallel
   to the central ,line, past Mopnt Sebastien. Locate on the road three miles
   east of St. Sebastien-de-Beauce toward Courcelles.

-  On Route 24, drive northward from Lao Megantia, the largest town in the zone of
   totality near the Maine border. Pass through St. Hubert and observe in the
   vicinity of St. Ludger.
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